When Permits Are Required

Permits are required to ensure that all construction and repair work has been done correctly and complies with the building code. The cost of a permit is based on the market value of the work to be done.
Permits are required whether a contractor or the homeowner does the work. In most cases, either city ordinance or state law requires homeowners to hire only licensed contractors. Check with the Building Department to determine if your project requires a licensed contractor. To obtain information on State Licensed Contractors you may visit the Department of Labor and Industry website for more information. The Building Department also has handouts available in our brochure rack entitled "Hiring a Residential Contractor".

Permits are required for all new construction, remodeling and additions, decks, porches, lawn irrigation underground sprinkler systems, reroofing, and siding. Permits are also required for any work that affects a building's electrical, plumbing or heating systems. For example this includes:
  • Air to Air Exchanger
  • Furnace and Air Conditioner
  • Garage Furnace
  • Gas and Wood Burning Fireplace Installation
  • Water Heater Replacement
Work done without a permit is subject to a fine and, if done incorrectly, must be redone.

When Permits Are Not Required
No permit is needed for painting, adding insulation, putting up wallpaper, replacing gutters or installing ceramic tile, carpeting or floor coverings. No permit is required for replacement windows unless the size of window is structurally changing and new header is being installed.