Boards & Commissions

QCTV is now video streaming the City Council meetings for the City of Andover. Here you can find agendas, minutes, and reports for all of Andover's commission and council meetings. These include:
  • City Council
  • Planning Commission
  • Community Center Advisory Commission
  • EDA (Economic Development Authority)
  • Open Space Commission
  • Park & Recreation Commission
Andover's City Council is made up of a Mayor and 4 council members. City Council meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and are broadcast on Comcast local cable channel 16. The playback schedule can be located at QCTV. Past and current agenda items and meeting minutes are located under their respective board's pages.
Council Chambers
  1. City Council

    Find out who represents you on the city council.

  2. Economic Development Authority

    See information about the Economic Development Authority.

  3. Housing & Redevelopment Authority

    Find the Housing and Redevelopment Authority meeting documents.

  4. Open Space Advisory Commission

  1. Parks & Recreation Commission

    Read about the parks and recreation commission.

  2. Planning & Zoning Commission

    Find a list of the Planning & Zoning Commission members and our meeting documents.

  3. YMCA Community Center Advisory Commission

    Learn about the YMCA Community Center Advisory Commission.