City Services

  1. City Code

    On this page is the entire text of the city code separated into 15 titles.

  2. City Maps

    This section includes the following: Zoning Map, Land-Use Map, Sewer Staging and Rural Reserve Map, Snowmobile and ATV Zones Map, and the Hunting Map. Please refer to the City Code and Comprehensive Plan for ultimate authority as Andover is a growing community and the maps may not reflect recent change. Please note that hunting requires a permit.

  3. City Newsletter

    Read or subscribe to our city newsletters.

  4. City QCTV Video's

  5. City Staff

    Find contact information for members of the city staff.

  6. Community Links

    Review a list of helpful links for citizens of the City of Andover.

  7. Employment Opportunities

    Find your perfect career.

  8. Fire Department

    Andover Fire Dept.

  9. GIS Department

    The GIS Department is responsible for maintaining, creating, and updating all geographic data for the City of Andover.

  1. Parks

    The Parks Department maintains over 67 city parks and 32 miles of path / trail system.

  2. Police

    Learn about Andover's amazing police force.

  3. Recycling

    The recycling program is committed to promoting resource conservation through waste prevention, reuse, recycling, composting and purchasing practices using the most cost effective and environmentally sound methods available in Minnesota.

  4. Report a Problem

    Here you can report a problem to the city about our streets, parks, water or sewer.

  5. Senior Center

    The Andover Senior Center, located in the City Hall complex, conducts a variety of activities throughout the year.

  6. Snow & Ice Removal

    Learn about snow removal policies and procedures for the City of Andover.

  7. Utilities

    Review information about the utilities department.

  8. Storm Water Quality

    See what we're doing to improve water quality.